Custom Large Letter Garland

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Custom Large Letter Garland

For those that have a little to say but want to show it in a big way!

Our new Large Letter Banners are the perfect choice! Any word, up to 18 characters including spacers (if needed).

Each letter (card) is 4" x 6".

Customize this banner! Change the colors and design, add a name! Maybe it's for a bridal shower or a birthday. Baby shower, wedding, surprise party, graduation...there's tons of uses for a custom party banner. 


1. At checkout, please write all instructions for customization in the NOTES area. If you do not leave any instructions, we won't know what kind of banner you want. 

2. Please also let us know EXACTLY when you need to receive the banner. 

3. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you check the email address linked to your ETSY ACCOUNT (Not your PayPal account) because that is where we send your proof. If you would like us to send it to a different email address, please let us know at checkout.

4. WE DO NOT HAVE A FILE THAT SHOWS COLORS/FONTS AVAILABLE. We can do ANY color (except metallic) and we offer hundreds of font options. We will create a design for you based on your needs and requests. If you have specific colors/type styles that you would like us to use or match we can most likely accommodate your needs! Same goes with graphics/icons/symbols! 

5. Once your order has been received, we will send you a PDF to approve (via email). You can expect to see your first round of designs within 5 BUSINESS DAYS of your order being placed. You will have the opportunity to request any changes you would like at this point. You are allowed three rounds of changes, so that we can get your new banner perfect. 

6. If you need to make additional changes there will be a fee of $5.00 per each additional round of designs. Once you have approved your design we will then print, assemble and ship your new banner to you.

7. If you need it in a hurry, you must let us know. We can offer you expedited shipping, either Priority or Express is available for all US purchases. This listing is for First Class mail. Banners take 5-8 business days to complete.

Each sign has at least 12" of extra cording on each end to tie securely in place. Each Letter is 4" wide x 6" tall. Between each word, we will add a decorative spacer, (like the fleur de lis in the photos) which can be a graduation cap, flowers, wedding bells, etc. We will pick something to coordinate with the banner if you do not make any specific request.

Printed on Heavyweight, recycled paper.
Each letter has two holes with a ribbon that goes through holding all the cards together and in place.

This item is not waterproof and will eventually fade if stored in direct sunlight.

Comes in a delightful Muslin bag for easy storage after use.

Hand made with Love!
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